Water Graphing

Vista, CA

Have you noticed a lot of hydrographic items on social media lately? Are people talking more and more about getting hydrographic items or even trying to make them for themselves? If you are behind the times, which a lot of people tend to be, then you need to fully understand what hydrographic also known as water graphing really is. Hydrographic (water graphing) is when you decorate a surface of an object in the water. Now the designs are pretty much endless when it comes down to it. The most popular designs you will see are camouflage, wood grain, carbon fiber, geometrical designs and much more.

Of course, this is a very new, yet cool concept. You can easily turn anything from drag to fabulous with this process. However, we have been noticing a lot of people trying out this process for themselves, but their results are not what they expected or sometimes turn out cool in an odd way. There are companies out there, like ours that can do hydrographics for you on any item of your choice. A popular item that many people love to do and want to learn how to do is sneakers. Instead of purchasing sneakers at a high price, they would rather purchase white sneakers or any other solid color base sneakers and design them to their taste, which rubs off on your style.

You can do this in one or two ways. You can either contact us at H2O Graphics in Vista, CA and we can help you with this process, or you can try to do it yourself. We recommend having us do it because we are the professionals. We have been perfecting the process for quite some time now. We do have an awesome portfolio on our website http://www.H2Ogfx.com/that you can check out.